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Regular Travelling Or Travel To Places Where We See A Rapid Change In The Environment Can Cause Side Effects On Our Skin

    Regular travelling or travel to places where we see a rapid change in the environment can cause side effects on our skin. Here are some causes of skin problems:

    1. Disrupted lifestyle - Long distance travel or short and multiple journeys with irregular and insufficient sleep will not only affect your biological clock but also create distress to your skin. Lack of sleep will seriously affect its metabolism and retard skin cell growth both at the epidermal and dermal layer of skin, gradually causing tired and dull looking skin.

    2. Sudden change of temperatures - Time differences and an unfamiliar environment will afflict and dysfunction your skin. They weaken your skin’s immunity and barrier, damage tissue, increase dehydration and inflammation and finally causes skin sensitivity and pre-mature aging.

    3. Extensive and rigorous sports – Extensive and rigorous sports increase skin fatigue, lower skin cells metabolism and immunity.

    4. Disrupted meal time - Disrupted meal time may cause lack of appetite and a bad digestive system due to unfamiliar diet hence affecting the overall metabolism and skin stability.

    5. Over 3 hour flight and 8 hour land journey - Extended travelling hours in an enclosed cabin are likely to increase the susceptibility for viruses, free-radicals, dust and harmful substances that eventually weaken the skin's ability to function as a protective shield. A damaged skin-barrier contributes to redness, blotchiness and breakouts.

    6. Sudden pimple breakouts - Intense dryness inside the flight cabin will indirectly stimulate skin cells' excessive sebum production hence causing the outbreak of sudden pimples. It is wise to apply intense, non-comedogenic serum or leave an overnight mask for deep moisturizing and anti-oxidant effects when we are 5,000 meters above ground. 

    7. Skin dryness and flakiness - Travelling to highland destinations where the sun is intense can cause a lot of damage to your skin. It will cause your skin to be very dry due to dehydrated conditions under the sun. Drinking plenty of water and avoiding alcoholic drinks is a must especially in dry cabin conditions. According to the World Health Organisation, the flight cabin has less than 20% humidity compared to our homes where humidity levels are usually at more than 30%. Applying intensive and specially invented hydrating skin care is therefore very important.

    8. Shiny and impure skin - We appreciate clarity and radiance but not shiny skin caused by oil. Hydrated makeup removers will come in handy and convenient without the need of rinsing.

    9. 5 to 10 times higher than usual ultraviolet rays - when we travel in and to higher altitudes, ultraviolet rays multiply. Sunscreen does not give you a 100% protection and it has its limitations when it comes to combating UV rays. The constant application of DCI PRO’s specially formulated traveller's skin protection range is crucial for strengthening and repairing your skin. UVA can cause skin-deep damage and pre-mature aging. UVB causes skin redness and skin sensitivity. 

    10. DCI PRO can help prevent swollen and bloodshot eyes - Time difference, lack of sleep and free radicals will cause overall haggard looking skin and this is especially obvious in the eye area. Ensuring good hydration and circulation around the eyes will help to reduce swelling. DCI PRO can do this well.

    DCI PRO complements the use of sunscreen - Sunscreen is also essential during the winter season. Reapply sunscreen every two hours during outdoor activities. Specially formulated for travellers, DCI PRO strengthens, repairs and protects the traveller's skin 24/7. The DCI PRO range also gives comfort to flaky skin and reduces pain caused by sunburn.